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SCP-087-B Unity Edition is a remake of the old Blitz3d short experimental game SCP-087-B by Regalis, which was inspired by Haversine's game SCP-087. The Unity Edition of SCP-087-B is at its earliest days and is still in development. 

The story goes along the following: You are a Class-D sent to explore the SCP-087-B, with a radio, that becomes unusuable since radio signals weaken extremely fast, and a box of matches. Your job is to explore the depths of SCP-087-B and find out what lies at the end of the stairwell, while avoiding the deadly creatures roaming in the building.

SCP-087-B Unity Edition is set to extend from the original SCP-087-B, with new graphics, being reminiscent of the classic mechanics, new entities, remastered models and sounds, soon to be a new ending, and much more. As of now, a majority of the classic content in SCP-087-B has been moved into the Unity Engine, and is now set to add new details.


WASD - Move
LShift - Sprint
Esc - Toggle pause menu


  • Regalis: Original SCP-087-B and original assets
  • Kevin Macleod: Aftermath and Gathering Darkness soundtracks
  • LLFredbear0345LL: Porting into Unity Engine
  • Other parts: To their respected owners

The game is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license

The original game can be found here


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SCP-087-B Unity v0.4.4 (x32).zip 35 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.4.4 (x64).zip 37 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.4.4 (Mac).zip 40 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.4.4 (Linux x32).zip 41 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.4.4 (Linux x64).zip 42 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.4 (x32).zip 31 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.4 (x64).zip 33 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.4 (Mac).zip 36 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.4 (L x32).zip 37 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.4 (L x64).zip 38 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.3 (x32).zip 26 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.3 (x64).zip 28 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.3 (Mac).zip 31 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.3 (Linux x32).zip 32 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.3 (Linux x64).zip 32 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.2 (x32).zip 23 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.2 (x64).zip 25 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.2 (Mac).zip 28 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.2 (Linux x32).zip 28 MB
SCP-087-B Unity v0.2 (Linux x64).zip 29 MB
SCP-087-B Unity Edition v0.1 (x32).zip 22 MB
SCP-087-B Unity Edition v0.1 (x64).zip 25 MB

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Its no remake What is mental? in no Mental!

I just played the new update. I like the buffed masked man :D

Awesome remake! I really like the new monsters animations.